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New journal ‘CASES’ an exciting prospect for GLOBE

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CASES (Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems), a new journal published by De Gruyter, offers a promising new arena for researchers focused on socio-ecological systems and the local to regional context in which human-environmental relations are examined. For the GLOBE project, where we focus on synthesis across local studies to understand global change, this got our attention:


CASES aims to address all studies that have a focus on the impact of global change and climate change, on functioning or services of socio-ecological systems and related human-environment interactions, on understanding, monitoring and proposing innovative approaches, tools and technologies to adapt and bring forward system management and development.

Major topics include:

  • management of the ecological integrity and ecosystem functioning on local, regional to supra-regional scale

  • adaptive system management under external pressures such as climate or societal changes, land-use change,  and urbanization processes / development of megacities

  • socio-economic and political issues such as regional economy, change management, management support

  • provision of functions, goods and services, sustainable processing of natural resources and regional value clusters

  • innovative models and technologies in socio-ecological system development planning support, stakeholder involvement and participatory processes

For more information on CASES, visit the website.

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