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Publishing with DOIs in GLOBE


In the same way that journal articles are assigned a DOI (digital object identifier) when they are published online, GLOBE Cases, Collections, Similarity Reports and Representativeness Reports are assigned a DOI when they are published.

DOIs are permanent links to your published GLOBE content.

For example:

DOIs are a great resource for sharing mature works in a durable, reliable fashion. Once a DOI is issued by the registration agency, it will never be deleted! We hope that you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to publish with Globe and use these DOIs to share your work with others.

Given that DOIs are permanent and public, it is essential that these be managed accordingly.

GLOBE issues DOIs under the following conditions:

  1. Your profile must have its first and last name fields filled out.
  2. Only minor corrections or modifications can be made to published items that have been assigned a DOI.
  3. You cannot delete those items that have been assigned a DOI except by appeal to the GLOBE team.


Xiejia Village Landscape (1994)

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