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World Bank AidData Documentation Page

GLOBE has partnered with AidData to enter their World Bank IBRD-IDA, Level 1, Version 1.0 dataset into GLOBE. The original dataset is free and downloadable directly from AidData’s website.

GLOBE’s collection includes over 14,000 World Bank project site locations to the GLOBE system. All project site locations are linked to an individual World Bank project. Note: One project report may have multiple project site locations.

Basic Data:

This is the 1.0 version  of the Level 1 product, of all projects approved from 2000-2011 of the World Bank IBRD/IDA lending lines. 3534 projects with  41307 locations have been sub-nationally geocoded, representing 99% of total commitments. Disbursement data was not geocoded.

Academic Citation: AidData. 2015. Geocoded data from the World Bank IBRD-IDA, Version 1.0. Accessed Jan 14, 2015. http://aiddata.org.

Processing AidData World Bank IBRD-IDA data for GLOBE.

It is important to read AidData’s ReadMe and metadata documentation to fully understand what the dataset represents. All World Bank project locations were coded by AidData on a scale from 1-8 based on the accuracy of the project site location description. Within GLOBE, only Precision Code 1 data was entered, in which case site  ”coordinates correspond to an exact location” (AidData ReadMe, 2015).

All World Bank projects have assigned sectors which AidData crosswalked from original World Bank sector classification (see sector_trans_crosswalk.tsv). To date, the following nine sectors have been uploaded into GLOBE in the form of individual GLOBE collections:

  1. Agriculture (1,458 cases)
  2. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing (726 cases)
  3. Energy Generation and Supply (1,861 cases)
  4. Forestry (194 cases)
  5. General Environmental Protection (330 cases)
  6. Industry (271 cases)
  7. Mineral Resources and Mining (150 cases)
  8. Transport and Storage (6,197 cases)
  9. Water Supply and Sanitation (3,488 cases)

The abstracts for individual projects were extracted from World Bank Project webpages. Currently, World Bank is in process of updating project abstracts, so there are twenty projects which lacked abstracts. To resolve this issue, we extracted the descriptive/summary/objective text from the project documentation found on each project page for these twenty projects. To identify which projects have the extracted abstract from documentation and where the text was copied from, we’ve added an additional citation at the end of those abstracts which looks something like this:

“(Source: Extracted from Project Information Document – See Report AB2449)”

This shows where the text was extracted from, and if there are multiple Project Information Documents, then a specific report number is also included. 

The original geoentities classifications for sites were derived by AidData using the geonames.org gazetteer (see geonames.tsv). These types were crosswalked with existing geographic entity types in GLOBE.  The original AidData geoentities are retained in the case contributor notes section of all individual World Bank project cases. Full documentation of the geoentity crosswalk can be read here.


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