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User Profile Social Media Options

Adding your social media information is the easiest way to link your GLOBE profile with your social networks- and help your colleagues connect with you. GLOBE now offers 7 social media options: ORCID, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Academia.edu, and Google Scholar.

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To edit your profile information, select the edit icon in your User Profile page. Below are instructions on how to link your GLOBE profile page with the available social media options:

ORCID: Enter your ORCID identifier (issued to you when you created an account). This number should be a four digit number separated by dashes. This will allows users to directly access your ORCID profile.

Twitter: Add your twitter handle, omitting the @.

Facebook: Simply visit your profile page and copy and paste the end of the URL into the Facebook field on GLOBE, omitting http://www.facebook.com. Your public profile (based on your privacy settings in Facebook) will now be visible by GLOBE users.

LinkedIn: A LinkedIn Profile Name is used to locate your profile on LinkedIn’s web site. Retrieve your Profile Name by customizing your LinkedIN URL on the LinkedIn’s “Edit Profile” page. Paste the profile name (not the URL) into the LinkedIn field on GLOBE.

ResearchGate: Visit your ResearchGate profile page and select your profile ID. This unique profile ID is found in the profile page URL after http://www.researchgate.com/profile/. Paste that into the ResearchGate field in GLOBE.

Academia.edu: Visit your Academia.edu profile page and select your unique profile ID. Your profile ID is found in your profile page’s URL after academia.edu/ or under your account settings page under “profile URL”.

Google Scholar: Your Google Scholar ID is the “user” part of your Scholar profile URL. It will appear in between the equals sign (=) and the ampersand (&) and usually consists of 12 alphanumeric characters.

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