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Case Details View

The case details view presents all information available on GLOBE about a case. To view the Case Details View simply select the paper icon located next to any case in GLOBE.

Case Information

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Every case in GLOBE has six tabs with the following information:

1. Summary: Contains information regarding:

  • Contributing User and Date
  • Case Study Citation
  • Case Scores
  • Case Metrics
  • GLOBE Case Citation
  • Map of Studied Area

2. Case Details: Contains information specifically regarding the case.
3. Source Details: Contains information specifically regarding the case source.
4. Global Data: Contains GLOBE’s variables and their corresponding data based on the case location.
5. My Notes: Allows users to write private notes about the case for further study or research.
6. Comments: Allows users to publicly comment on user’s cases.

If you find a comment that is offensive or inappropriate, select the flag icon to alert our administrators. To delete a comment select the [X] button.

Case Actions

Located in the upper right corner of the Case Details View are options for things you can do with the case.

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1. Add case to a collection.

2. Conduct a similarity analysis on the case can find other cases that are similar to it.

3. Share a link to this case.

4. Export the case to KML format.

5. Export the case to RIS format.

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