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GLP_OSM2014Welcome Global Land Project (GLP) Open Science Meeting (OSM) 2014 participants!

In collaboration with the GLP, we are entering all abstracts accepted to OSM 2104 that represent case-study research into the GLOBE system. We will create a geo-referenced collection of OSM 2014 participant research to assess the meeting’s global coverage and representativeness as a whole. This collection and the results of several global analyses will be presented at the meeting.

To complete your abstract submission, the GLP requests that you enter the geographic location and related metadata for your case study into the GLOBE online database system.

1. Using the username and password sent to you via email, please log in at: http://globe.umbc.edu/app

2. Navigate to the ‘Account Settings’ and change your password as soon as possible.

3. Your case study abstract has already been entered into the GLOBE system. It will appear in the “My Cases” list on the GLOBE dashboard (the first page you will see after logging in).
4. Click on your case study abstract (temporary name- based on your abstract title).
5. Please edit your case study site name. Instructions for creating the best site name can be found here: http://globe.umbc.edu/faqs/how-do-i-name-a-case/.
6. Enter your case study locations and update other text as needed.

Step-by-step instructions on how to enter case geometry and metadata can be found here: http://globe.umbc.edu/documentation/workflows/case-creation-procedure/#glp-landing

By entering your case study into GLOBE, you are helping the GLP enhance global collaboration among case study researchers- and your work will be featured in special maps and events that will be unveiled at the meeting in Berlin. Thank you for your service to the global land community! We look forward to seeing you in Berlin in April!
More about the GLOBE project here: http://globe.umbc.edu
If you encounter issues using the GLOBE system, you can view documentation and FAQs pages or contact us at globe@umbc.edu.
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