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More than 14,000 World Bank Project sites now available in GLOBE

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Are World Bank Projects Globally Biased?  GLOBE has partnered with AidData to make available their geocoded World Bank Project sites in GLOBE (IBRD-IDA, Level 1, Version 1.0 dataset). All project site locations are linked to an individual World Bank project. Complete documentation about AidData’s World Bank cases in GLOBE can be read here.

More than 14,000 World Bank project sites are now available in GLOBE here: doi: 10.7933/K1WW7FKR

These are also organized into 9 sets of “Project Primary Sectors”:  

This exciting new addition to GLOBE will enable researchers to pursue a variety of research questions about the representativeness or distribution of World Bank projects around the world. For example- here is a published Global Representativeness Analysis of World Bank Agriculture Project sites assessed in terms of their relative Market Influence (doi:10.7933/K1S46PVB).  We encourage users to use our forum to share ideas and potential research questions in the GLOBE Forum that might be answered using this valuable new dataset.



The original dataset is free and downloadable directly from AidData’s website.

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