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GLOBE Newsletter # 2


March 2015 Issue

GLOBE Releases New Update

Last month featured the exciting release of GLOBE version 1.2. Within the update were two major features: the variable picker and an improvement to adding metadata to a case.

Selecting global variables has never been easier! The new variable picker allows users to sort and filter variables. In addition, users may now create variable sets to help organize variables that they use the most and share those sets with the GLOBE community. This feature can be found on the dashboard and anywhere you need to select variables.

Adding CrossRef metadata just became easier because users can now import metadata directly into the case creation “source data” using only a DOI. This allows case creation to become faster and more efficient and is now available during case creation.

To learn more about the update visit our Globe Releases forum page. Post your comments about this update in our forum.


Coming Soon! A Major GLOBE Update!


GLOBE’s Underutilized Power Tool: Data Sheets

Connecting Your Case Studies with Global & Custom Data

Data Sheets are one of GLOBE’s most powerful and easy to use tool. This tool allows users to connect a collection of case studies with global and custom data.

Data sheets allow you to:

  1. Compute values of global variables for all case studies in a collection. The result is a downloadable Excel file that will enable you to conduct statistical analyses of global patterns across your case studies, as part of a meta-study.
  2. Add pre-defined or custom data columns to case studies. This will enable you to store, manage and share values you have derived from each case study in a collection, such as the price of land or labor, as part of a meta-study.

Check out our tutorial page to learn more about how to create a data sheet.

GLOBE Team Members Publish New Article

Two members of the GLOBE team, Alyson Young and Wayne Lutters, have published a new article entitled (Re)defining Land Change Science through Synthetic Research Practices”.

Check out the blog post on our main page.

Newest Public Collections Available on GLOBE

Uploading Cases Utilizing Bulk Uploads

Two collections, utilizing GLOBE’s bulk upload feature, were recently made public for all GLOBE users. Each of these collections features over 100 cases. The bulk upload feature is intended for meta-study researchers interested in uploading a large batch of cases at once, rather than individually uploading cases through the normal GLOBE case entry system. Both of these users utilized this feature to easily and efficiently upload their metastudies.

Check out these collections in GLOBE:

Wetland Change Case-Studies – Peter Verburg

First Land Use – Shonil Bhagwat
To learn more about Bulk Uploads, check out our tutorial page.

GLOBE’s Main Site Receives a Face Lift

The Newest User Friendy Updates

GLOBE’s main project page has undergone a transformation. The main menu has been reorganized to help users find content they are interested in.

Below details a list of changes that have taken effect:

  • ‘Global Variables’ is on the main menu. This menu option will take you directly to view GLOBE’s global variables.
  • Login menu tab. Login into GLOBE by selecting ‘Login’ on the left side of the menu next to ‘About’.
  • The documentation page has been revamped. The documentation menu tab takes you directly to GLOBE’s Documentation Overview which features five categories: Cases, Collections, Representativeness/ Similarity Analysis, Global Variables and Foundational Data. Under each section are the documentation pages that pertain to their corresponding category.
  • New tutorials are now available. The newest tutorial pages include: Data Sheets, Enhanced Case Search and Variable Picker. View these new tutorials under the Documentations menu tab. Tutorials are organized into categories.

Check out GLOBE’s main page here.

For more information about what is going on in GLOBE check out our forum page, blog posts and more on our main site.

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