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Global Land Project Synthesis Survey

Published on 2014/02/14, by in Recent News.

In preparation for the Open Science Meeting (OSM 2014) of the Global Land Project (GLP) in Berlin this March, a survey is being conducted to assess the state of land-change science, identify new emerging research priorities, and support the GLP‘s transition to it’s next phase.  An initial summary of results will be presented during the closing session of the meeting.

Here are my answers to two great survey questions!

9. Over the last 5 years, what findings in land-change science do you see as the most significant?

Global assessments of land use show widespread early land use.  Land use is an early and globally significant driver of climate change and biodiversity change.

10. What would you like to tell a policy maker about land-change science?

Land use change is the most important driver of global change to date.  While climate change is increasingly important and will overcome all prior human effects if not abated, land change is the greatest global change yet effected by humans up to the present time, and has been the primary driver of our planet’s entry into the Anthropocene.  If we want to conserve biodiversity while sustaining 10 billion people on Earth, we need to invest in better understanding land use change from household to landscape to planet.

The GLOBE project is actively supporting this effort and we are excited to be a part of the OSM.  See you in Berlin!

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