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Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:58 pm
by schmill
GLOBE v1.1 is finally here!

The "Enhanced Case Search" is a major improvement to searching through cases and managing case collections. Try it out!
Don't forget to do a hard reload on the app as much content has changed.

Major Updates:
- Enhanced Case Search ( see ... arch-page/ )
- BCE Start and End Year of Study are now allowed with improved interface and searching tools.
- A list of "most similar cases" will appear on the in-progress case main page.

New Content:
- A total of 940 cases are now available to the GLOBE community.
- GLOBE now offers 105 total Global Variables ( see viewforum.php?f=5 ) for analysis!

Minor updates and fixes:
- conformance scores have been improved on many CaseTeam cases
- additional summary statistics added to global variable metadata (note: data not available on most variables, but will be updated on an ongoing basis)

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:26 am
by schmill
Some minor updates have been released (v1.1b):

- aliasing has been reduced/removed from low zoom levels on all Globe-generated maps
- three new entity types for archaeological use: pollen core, archaeological point, archaeological complex
- "Source Link" added to global variable metadata to quickly take users to the original source of global variables
- minor bug fixes

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:51 am
by schmill
GLOBE v1.2 is released!

Major Updates:
- A new variable picker with better sorting and filtering capabilities is now in use system-wide. This picker also provides access to user curated variable sets for organizing the variables you use most.
- CrossRef metadata can now be imported directly into the case creation "source data" screen using just the DOI.

- A total of 1281 cases are now available to the GLOBE community.
- Shonil Bhagwat's "First Land Use" collection of 105 first land use cases is now public.
- Peter Verburg's "Wetland Change" collection of 105 wetland case studies is now public.

Miscellaneous updates:
- Map aliasing at low zoom scales fixed.
- "Live Links" added to global variables (this link leads to the online variable source).
- new archaelogical geographic entities added (pollen core, archaelogical site, achaeological complex).
- new metadata fields added to global variables.
- some functions debounced to streamline Ajax calls.
- help links added to some pages / dialogs (button at top, right).
- dashboard rearranged to accommodate "global variables" page.
- "create collection from search" function added to enhanced search page.
- sharing popup fixed.
- missing aggregated global data warning widget added to analysis pages.
- added "variable changelog" widget to analysis screens to display recent changes to variables.
- better decoding of variable data in "filtered cases" popup (rep analysis).

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:44 pm
by schmill
GLOBE 1.2.1 is released! We are excited to provide a fresh new look and expanded functionality to many of the pages you see most on GLOBE.

This update contains significant updates to the interface:
- All pages can be navigated to and from using the nav menu
- A new User Dashboard with interactive and dynamic content
- A new User Profile page with interactive and dynamic content
- Link to your favorite social media sharing sites (Facebook, Twitter,, ResearchGate, LinkedIn, and Google Scholar)
- Convenient iconography that makes it easier to asses case quality at-a-glance from all lists
- An improved organization of tabbed info in the case display, including an improved Summary tab
- An improved User Search page
- Case metadata filter shortcuts for quickly filtering for academic, report, or miscellaneous source types

Additional updates:
- some improvements to the Data Sheets functionality
- better handling of idle sessions
- email address allowed instead of username at log in
- a more convenient search bar in the header
- a new SITE source type to link cases to documented study or project sites
- improved documentation and tutorials

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:04 pm
by schmill
GLOBE 1.2.1b is here! This release is in anticipation of adding World Bank site data to GLOBE.

This update contains many major updates to the interface:
- quick filtering by source categories (academic sources, reports & documents, and sites & datasets)
- the "browse" page has been completely rewritten to be faster and more interactive
- similarity analysis has been overhauled to include source category filtering and faster operation
- similarity analysis now automatically updates when you change parameters
- enhanced search now returns no results until search criteria have been entered, sorts by site name by default
- case data aggregators have been rewritten to ignore missing data when possible. this particularly effects the mode.
- "unknown" site area (reported) is now an option. this produces and "unknown" spatial scale and will result in low conformance scores.

plus many minor changes to look and feel.

New global variables are also available:
- Global livestock density (FAO, 2005): sheep, pigs, cattle, and goats.

The next release is 1.2.2 and is planned in early August. Stay tuned!

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:18 pm
by schmill
A minor update has been applied to Globe, version 1.2.1b3.

- the "create collection" button on the enhanced search page has been moved and the "collection size" box has been moved to the "Create Collection" dialog
- it is no longer possible to publish reports that are not "public" visibility
- added an "Excel Download" button to both the representativeness anaylsis and the collection view screens. this accesses the same functionality as the data sheet exporter, but without the data sheets.
- the excel download now includes a "variables" page with information on the variables exported.
- minor tweak to citation style in case view.

On the data side:
Arun Agrawal's IFRI Research Sites collection has been made public! ... filter=pub

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:46 pm
by schmill
GLOBE 1.2.2 is released!

While this was originally planned to be a minor release, there is actually quite a lot included. Much of that is administration which should improve the responsiveness to many user requests but there is also a good deal of new interface and analytical content.

- preliminary "following" user functionality added to user profile and user search pages
- Curated Object lists improved with paging functions, text search, more sorting criteria
- notes and comments page to organize your notes and read the latest comments on your cases
- option to recompute aggregated global data on cases
- case metrics will be recomputed when case metadata is updated
- updated JSON generation on backend
- bulk import user pages added. please contact if you are interested in access to the bulk import audit tools.
- added PNG download option for Global variable, representativeness, and Similarity maps
- nav menu mouseover issues cleaned up
- beta functionality has been added for Representativeness v3. you must be added as a beta user in order to access this. contact to be added.

And, of course, the World Bank Aid Data cases and many user-submitted cases, collections, and analyses have been added to GLOBE since 1.2.1b3!

We hope you'll find these improvements useful. Please contact if you have questions, comments, or issues!