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Globe Releases

PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 6:07 pm
by schmill
All releases major, minor and otherwise will be posted to this thread.

We have released v0.3 build 241 today. Here is what you can expect:

- significant enhancements to published similarity analysis presentation, including more complete output, selectable typeface, better print output, "edit" button
- minor improvements to similarity analysis including layout and "edit" button
- saved similarity analyses automatically run on resume
- added KML download to case collections

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:16 pm
by schmill
A new release is available. It's best to clear your browser cache and to a fresh reload of the app. Here's what is new:

- The default similarity analysis is now based on percentile (rank) data. This provides better results over the old (raw data-based) analysis in all cases where the data is skewed.
- The legend for percentile similarity has been simplified and is now colorblind-friendly.
- Presentation of similarity statistics has been simplified and improved.
- Globe now identifies the situation where an all-nominal similarity analysis is being performed and provides more useful analytics, including a simplified legend.
- Missing data and filtered extent is now rendered as dark grey in the similarity analysis, and is reflected in the legend.
- The option to Tweet a saved similarity analysis has been added.
- The similarity analysis target case's aggregated global data values can be viewed in a popup.
- The similarity analysis target case's data value is overlaid onto raw data histograms.
- "Share via link" has been added to some screens.
- Saved similarity analyses set to "public" can now be viewed by anyone.
- A map of all Globe Users has been added.

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:40 pm
by schmill
A new release was deployed today.

- some language and presentation changes to similarity analysis
- tweet button for published similarity reports
- some revisions to population density variables to improve coverage
- published similarity report sections reordered to put maps at the top
- "sample similarity analysis" now available for newly created cases
- added some filters to curated object (collection, saved analys, et al) lists
- added pre-defined "non-wildland" filter
- opacity of missing/filtered cell rendering increased
- improvements to error messages
- improvements to RIS upload processing

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:35 pm
by schmill
A new release was deployed today.

- addition of publishing options with DOIs for cases, collections, and similarity analysis reports
- improved information on how to cite pages in Globe
- HTML is now allowed in "description" field of curated objects (collections, analyses, reports)
- collections are now viewable by guests when their visibility is public
- fixed a bug with tag/keyword forms in case creation
- fixed a bug with KML generation for geometry collections
- users will be redirected back to the page they were trying to get to after login for pages with community visibility
- legend added to published similarity report
- tweet button added to cases
- many list views now have a pull-down for filtering between "public", "my", and "all"

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:32 pm
by schmill
A new release was deployed today.

- added some simple case metrics (visible to community from case views)
- added "notes" (for taking personal notes) and "comments" (for providing public commentary) tabs for cases
- added a public "raw variable" view for linking to and viewing raw variable data on a map
- minor cosmetic changes to similarity legend
- added KML/RIS download for cases
- speeded up commit of cases and circumvented a rare PostGIS error in KML imported geometries

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:18 pm
by schmill
A new release is out...

- added a warning for IE users on the login screen
- a list of recent publications added to the login screen ("under" the IE warning if you use IE)
- "share" and Twitter buttons has been merged to one "social" button (watch for Facebook and other sharing options)
- DOIs are used in the social button when available
- improved KML export
- added "Variable Explorer" to nav menu
- improved presentation of case notes/comments
- improved error messages when attempting to view private/community cases as guest
- improved usability of the user map

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 5:52 pm
by Globe
Another new release of Globe!

- Representativeness Explorer is now working, Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic and bias test is available.
- improved handling of global metadata
- announcements on login page (look here for planned outages, updates, etc.)
- "unallocated sites" fix in representativeness analysis
- UI now informs user when there are private/non-visible cases in a public collection
- improved representedness legend - now using chi-square p values for coloring rep map/histograms
- removed some beta/testing notices
- "unstacked" some OSM users geographic location that defaulted to the country of origin
- some usability tweaks to the representativeness controls
- representativeness histogram should now automatically display in log scale if a category is too small to be seen
- default binning strategy in reprentativeness is equal frequency, 5 categories
- fixed dead link on nav menu
- KMZ support added to in-progress case geom upload
- case data now available as a tab in case views

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 7:33 pm
by schmill
A new version of the Globe backend is being deployed. Among the changes:

- update to ESRI World Regions - more complete coverage
- release of "Deforestation from 2000-2005" variable
- Hellinger and Jensen-Shannon are no longer inverted (0 is now most similar, 1 is least similar) in Monte Carlo representativeness test
- equal frequency and equal interval binning strategies now use the empirical range (min and max) instead of the global range.
- old "full/global range" versions of equal frequency and equal interval strategies have been renamed to reflect that they always use the full (global) range
- "Tropical" filter is now "Tropical Biomes" and uses Olson Biomes (instead of potential vegetation)
- The "edit" button for editing saved analysis (sim and rep) is now a button in the save/publish/run group
- a bug in equal frequency has been fixed that impacted availability
- multiple enhancements to representativeness have been made that will be available at the next major UI release

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 2:56 pm
by schmill
A new version of Globe has been released. This is version 1.0c1. The changes:

- updated GIS backend which fixed an intersection bug that may have impacted data aggregation in multi geometries

- reorganized page elements and added recent case notes & comments

- published representativeness assessments are live!
- option to download weights and global data from a published representativeness analysis in XLSX format
- case weights are now normalized
- edits to language in representativeness assessment
- representativeness search tab added to representativeness assessment
- rep assessment: warning added to "overview" tab when cases in collection fall outside the filtered range of the analysis variable
- rep assessment: filter warning added when cases in collection fall outside the extent defined by the filters
- minor design tweaks to representativeness UI to make it resemble the similarity UI
- improved handling of missing values in histograms
- analysis is automatically re-run when the analysis variable is changed
- binning strategy "Globe Custom" has been renamed to "Globe Legend", "Globe Automatic" renamed to "Globe Default"
- a "categorical" binning strategy has been added (was originally only accessible through "Globe Automatic")
- binning strategies are automatically set to defaults when switching from a continuous analysis variable to nominal and vice-versa
- bin weights added to collection point tooltips in "overview" histogram
- simplified and improved layout of stats tables
- log scale on overview histogram is disabled when range crosses 0
- added a message to overview histogram when scale does not allow all bins to be visibile
- added "ESS Explorer" to explorer

Cases and case creation:
- added a protocol for authors to identify cases contributed by others as their own

General enhancements:
- speedups to full text search
- added visibility pull down to popups for creating curated objects (collections, analyses, etc.)
- improved browsing of curated object lists (saved analyses, published sim analysis)
- fixed non-working "case actions" icons on some screens (e.g. the sim analysis ranked site list)

Global Variables:
- added "Global Land Systems" to Human category (Van Asselen & Verburg,2012)
- added "Land System Archetypes" to Human category (Vaclavik et al., 2013)
- added "Koeppen-Geiger Climate Classification" to Climate category (Peel et al 2007)

Re: Globe Releases

PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:35 pm
by schmill
A minor update has been posted.

- default to ordinal scale for skewed variables in chi square representativeness histogram, color collection points on this histogram white when X2 is undefined.
- language changes to representativeness legend, report
- added collaboration UI to in-progress cases
- fixed a map bug in the representativeness report
- added variable changelog checks to both published analysis reports (will chronicle any changes to variables used since publication date).