Yield Gap (Wheat)

Citation Information

Title: Global Yield Gaps (Wheat)

Source: Neumann et al.

Date: 2000

Citation: Neumann, K., Verburg, P. H., Stehfest, E., & Müller, C. (2010). The yield gap of global grain production: A spatial analysis. Agricultural Systems, 103(5), 316-326.


An econometric approach was combined with spatial analysis to explore the maximum attainable yield, yield gap, and efficiencies of wheat, maize, and rice production. Crop yield data is from Monfreda et al. (2008). Native resolution is 5 arcmin with Geographic Coordinate System WGS 1984.

Processing Procedure

1. In ArcMap 10.0, convert native data to 30 arc second resolution.

2. Use zonal statistics to calculate mean values within each GLU.

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