Freshwater Area

Citation Information

Title: Freshwater Area

Source: MODIS

Date: 2005

Citation: Friedl MA, Sulla-Menashe D, Tan B, Schneider A, Ramankutty N, Sibley A, Huang X (2010) MODIS Collection 5 global land cover: Algorithm refinements and characterization of new datasets. Remote Sensing of Environment, 114, 168-182.


Global grid of freshwater areas based on MODIS land cover data. Native resolution is 15 arc second projected inĀ  Geographic Coordinate System Sinusoidal WGS 1984.

Processing Procedure

1. In ArcMap 10.0, convert GLU grid to 15 arc second resolution and Sinusoidal projection.

2. Use zonal statistics to calculate freshwater area within each GLU.

Data Coverage


NOTE: MODIS land use data does not distinguish between fresh and salt water. Thus, the above procedure will count bays/estuaries as freshwater that extend more than 2000 meters inland. Missing values in coastal cells are assumed to have zero freshwater area.

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