Crop Yield (Wheat)

Citation Information

Title: Global Crop Yields (Wheat)

Source: Monfreda et al.

Date: 2000

Citation: Monfreda, C., Ramankutty, N., & Foley, J. A. (2008). Farming the planet: 2. Geographic distribution of crop areas, yields, physiological types, and net primary production in the year 2000. Global biogeochemical cycles, 22(1).


Land use data sets were created by combining national, state, and county level census statistics with a recently updated global data set of croplands on a 5 min by 5 min (∼10 km by 10 km) latitude-longitude grid. The resulting land use data sets depict circa the year 2000 the area (harvested) and yield of 175 distinct crops of the world. Geographic Coordinate System WGS 1984.

Processing Procedure

1. In ArcMap 10.0, convert native data to 30 arc second resolution.

2. Use zonal statistics to calculate mean values within each GLU.

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