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Benefits of Globe

GLOBE is an online collaboration environment that allows researchers and institutions to rapidly share, compare and synthesize local and regional studies using global datasets of human and environmental variables.

Top 5 Uses of GLOBE:

1. Quantify the global relevance of a land change case-study. A similarity analysis support real-time calculation and visualization of global relevance – or similarity – of a case to all other cases in the GLOBE system based on our database of selected global variables from our database.  Here is one example.

2. Produce you own database of case studies. Using GLOBE web interface and import/export tools, you can assemble a collection of cases and append custom data and/or data values from GLOBE’s database of global variables. This workflow will produce a database relating each case in the collection to multiple data values, which can be exported in Excel format for easy use in statistical analysis.

3. Create and share your spatially explicit case-study record. GLOBE’s case creation interface can help you to fuse a geo-referenced geometry of your case-study that can be used with GLOBE’s unique data structure or in a GIS for spatially explicit statistical and geographical analyses.

4. Connect with a community of land change case-study researchers. Using GLOBE’s similarity analysis, GLOBE can identify case studies most similar to yours, which are always associated with a verified email address of the case contributor. You might discover a new collaborator who works in a completely different part of the world, yet studies land change in a biophysically and/or socio-economically similar place!

5. Assess the representativeness of a collection of cases (meta-study research). A representativeness analysis enables researchers to group, weight, and synthesize across case studies to develop better models of human-environment interaction. Assess whether a collection of local observations accurately captures the variation observed globally!

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